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Revaluation results are updated.

All results of ODD SEM - 2014 are available NOW!

Previous sem (Even sem - 2014) results are available now!

New Feature:
Insights on each subject is available in Subject Analysis!

New Feature:
Insights on performance of each department is available in Department Analysis!

Odd sem 2013 results are available.

Even sem 2013 results are available.

Predict SGPA


How do we do it?

Based on the enormous data that we've collected over the past two years, we have devised extrapolation algorithms which predict the SGPA of the current semester.

How did we test it?

We tried predicting the previous semester SGPA using the data from before that time to achieve an alarmingly high accuracy of 93% !!!

Don't believe us?

Wait until May 2015 :)

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