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The Department was established along with the Institution in the year 1963. The academic activities of the department are teaching, research and conducting workshops, seminars, guest lectures form the resource full persons from other research centers. The department of Physics has been recognized as a research center of VTU, Belgaum.

The Department imparts education in Basic Science both in theory and through experiments. The objective is to create the basic firm foundation required by the engineers to plan for appropriate applications of the materials, objects and the material science studied under the science education which in turn provides them the tool for the choice of the proper plan for the right application.

The Department is located in the Administrative block of the college. The Department cum Lab is in the first floor of the AB-block ; and the lab is spreading over an area of 4070 ft., where nearly 40 students can perform experiments at a time. Now an additional lab with area 2020 ft., is also in use.

The Department provides many facilities to study the basic science principles through experiments. Study aids like computers with internet connection and printers are also available. The department is well equipped with the instruments for the following experiments:

1. Series and Parallel LCR Circuits.
2. I-V Characteristics of a Zener Diode.
3. Characteristics of a Transistor.
4. Band Gap of a Semiconductor.
5. Ultrasonic Interferometer (Measurement of Velocity of Sound in Solids and Liquids).
6. Dielectric Constant (Measurement of Dielectric Constant).
7. Diffraction (Measurement of wavelength of Laser/Hg source using Diffraction Grating).
8. Plancks Constant (Determination of Plancks Constant using LED or using the principle of Photoelectric Effect).
9. Verification of Stefans Law.
10. Determination of Fermi Energy.
11. Uniform Bending.
12. Torsional Pendulum.
13. Helmholtz Resonator.
14. Newtons Rings.

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