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Department of Industrial and Production Engineering

The Department of Industrial and Production Engineering was started in the year 1980 and has gained the Grant in Aid in the year 1983. The Department is presently offering Bachelor of Engineering Course in Industrial and Production Engineering with an annual intake of 60 students. The syllabus is framed to suit the needs of Industries.

The Department has the following Laboratories. They are
1. Metrology Laboratory
2. CAD/CAM & CIM Laboratory
3. Industrial Engineering Laboratory

The Metrology Laboratory is equipped with Profile Projector, Talyrond, Autocollimator, Tool Makers, Microscope, Dial Micrometer, Optical Flats, Levelling Press, Gear Tooth Micrometer, Spline Micrometer, Deep Hole Dial Depth Guage, Dial Micrometer, V-Anvil Micrometer, Magnetic Check Profile Projector, Vernier Calipers, Dial Calipers, Digital Calipers for carrying out various experiments relating to calibration and testing of the instruments.
The CAD/CAM labs are equipped with 80 computers and the syllabus covers advanced Modelling and Simulation features throughout the semesters.
The Computer related laboratories are CAD/CAM & CIM lab, CAE Lab, Industrial Engineering Lab, Software Applications Lab and Drafting Lab where the students learn advanced software like Solid Edge, Synchronous technology, UGS NX6, ANSYS 11, CNC EXSL Simulation software, Matlab, WinQSB, Proplanner, Workstudy Professional, Oracle, Minitab and SPSS. In all the semesters, the students will learn computer related software. In addition, the students are encouraged to carry out PACE projects using UGS NX software.
The Industrial Engineering Lab is equipped with a Modern Tread Mill and Ergometer for ergonomic studies and the softwares like Proplanner and Timer Pro is used for carrying out studies on time study simulation & analysis, Line balancing, Value Stream mapping, Kaizen, Poka yoke, EBOM, MBOM analysis, Plant Layout etc. The table experiments are being carried out using the standard facilities available in the laboratory.
The department is a recognized research center and is guiding students to carry out Ph.D projects. So far the Department has produced 3 students with Doctoral Degree and 5 students are carrying out Doctoral programme. The guides are Dr. K.V.Sreenivasa Prasad, Dr. T.R.Srinivas and Dr. V.Ramesh. The department is actively doing research and has produced several papers in International Journals and conferences.

Dr. V.Ramesh presented his work on Study on implementation of TRIZ concept in FAIM 2010 conference held in Oakland USA during July 2010 and also Chaired a session.

The department is actively carrying out research works leading to Doctoral programme and has worked as BOS, BOE members in various colleges and VTU.

Prof D.Arunkumar & Prof Savitha. M is working as coordinators for the ongoing TEQIP II project.

In the year 2009, the students actively participated in EMVP project of PACE and presented their work in Seoul. In the year 2010, the students of I & P Engineering participated in the PACE Competition and won I prize for their work on All Terrain Robots. Further, in the year 2011, the students of Industrial & Production Engineering participated in the PACE competition and won I & II Prize for their work on Vertical Take Off and Landing and Efficient Mass Transportation Systems. The students used UGS NX Modelling software which is a PACE sponsored software. The judges for these competitions were from General Motors and Siemens India Ltd. In the year 2012, the students participated in the Annual Global project of PACE held in Shanghai China during July 2012. The students of I & P Engineering got I Prize with the competition winner trophy for their work on Energy Reclamation Application under Collaborative Innovative Challenge (CIC) project. It was guided by Dr. V.Ramesh who is the SJCE PACE Co-ordinator.

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