About the Website

What is Sjce Results?
Sjce Results is a Results Search Engine. We aim to provide the most comprehensive results when you search for your result. Being a search engine we help users find information that is publicly available on the SJCE Website "http://sjcemysore.org/results.aspx". We do not own this information nor can we delete or modify it - we simply find and index what is publicly available to anyone on the Internet.

This is a completely non-profit website. We do not display any advertisements on the website and do not gain any revenue as such. The only aim of the website is to help the students of SJCE search for their results.

How did Sjce Results obtain all this information?
We search through the SJCE website and extracts names, grade, usn and other relevant information from the pages; this data is then processed and indexed so it can be searchable by anyone.

Can I remove my information from the search results?
If you prefer that a certain information will not be shown on sjceresults.com you should act to make the information on the source not publicly available by leaving a feedback.

How accurate is the information?
sjceresults.com does not verify the accuracy of the facts or the relevance of the data in each result; we merely cite publicly available information found on the source. Since no algorithm is perfect, some interpretation or processing errors are possible; we'll be happy to receive your feedback and will try to improve our system accordingly.

What about privacy?
Understanding the potential sensitivity of student's data makes privacy a very important issue for us, we only display information that is already available on public web pages in a publicly available form. If you have any additional questions or comments - please contact us on FB or mail us at sjceresults@gmail.com .

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